The town of San Teodoro is one of the most prestigious holiday resorts in Sardinia, known for its beautiful natural environment and tourist services as well as for first-class accommodation. Easy to reach and full of different attractions, it is the perfect destination for a beach holiday full of fun and relaxation thanks to its beautiful beaches and to its still wild nature. San Teodoro is geographically and culturally situated in the sub-region of Gallura in the north-eastern part of Sardinia, which makes the great tradition of hospitality a valuable resource.

Beaches of irresistible charm, the flora and fauna and the sea air in this top environmental stretch of coast are enhanced by well constructed protection of the Marine Park. The area boasts an abundance of natural environments such as the remarkable wetlands near the sea, the large lagoon that is home to varied birdlife and also the mountain with its main peak of Mount Nieddu with its spectacular views, natural waterfalls and places from history which bear testimony to the traditional rural life in our area. But San Teodoro can also offer sport, adventure, the enchantment of discovery, the fun that can be had enjoying its nightlife, the hospitality of its people ...The natural inclination to hospitality by the local inhabitants, their jovial and cheerful character and great love of traditions are clearly visible for example in the adherence to the local cuisine sourced from natural ingredients produced locally with genuine tastes and flavours.

More importantly, the people of San Teodoro know how to always celebrate with renewed warmth the memories of their rural traditions and the wholesome values of solidarity and harmony through local festivals which mainly occur in summer. The rural culture of tradition has now given way to the development of tourism built up over thirty years of experience in welcoming tourists with services that match up to an ever more demanding public with a proven track record of efficient organization.