Trekking in the nature

La Peschiera

The nature trail known as La Peschiera (the fishpond), winds through the lush Mediterranean greenery in the natural habitat of some of the most fascinating wildlife in Sardinia along a well sign-posted circular route of about 1.5 km bordered by a fence within the landscape; qualified and skilled nature guides are available for explanations and to help you to discover  migratory birds and the submerged fish farms and traditional fishing techniques used by local fishermen on the San Teodoro Lagoon. During the summer season, you can take part in fishing trips organized with the staff of the fish farm.  


The Lagoon

The Lagoon can be accessed via the path alongside it by a single entrance near the large parking lot for the beach La Cinta from where you can then set off along the trail behind the same dunes for the entire length of the beach (about 3 km) on a path lined with patches of aromatic mastic, reeds, holly, myrtle, rosemary, juniper and tamarisk plants. The outlet to the sea from the lagoon is called La Foca and is the northern limit of the beach from where it then descends. You can also visit the lagoon of San Teodoro on the "Lianti" ferry.
The Gallura Horizons Association organizes boat excursions in the waters of the lagoon enabling you to explore a charming corner of this region which includes rocks formed by the buffeting of the winds, flights of seagulls, cormorants, herons and pink flamingos in a unique and unusual setting along the banks of the lagoon. The Lianti is only available for the crossing from the Lagoon to the La Cinta Beach.


Mount Nieddu

Mount Nieddu is reachable from the hamlet of Buddittogliu in the direction of Aresula.  The mountain is an ideal destination for trekking and mountain biking. The route of about 15 km is along a dirt road (with short stretches of concrete) to the tip of the lookout, and then continues on the opposite side leading back to the starting point. The tour can also be travelled on the old road of charcoal kilns where you can see the banks that are still blackened after more than a century along granite stone paths that were suitable for the transport of the time. 
Because of the difficulty of the terrain, it is recommended to enjoy this type of outing using suitable equipment and in the presence of tour guides from the local area. We recommend comfortable well worn shoes, sun hats, t-shirts or a cotton shirt; also remember to bring at least one bottle of water with you and not to discard any waste or cigarette butts.